New Salesmsg Pricing
Flexible Pricing Plans
You asked for flexible pricing plans, and we heard you. The new Salesmsg pricing structure is flexible by design. Estimate how many credits you are going to need and pick the plan that works for you. From as little as 250 credits per month to 50,000 and beyond, you will find a plan that works for you.
Billing Landing Page Image 1
Pay As You Go
If your business has a sporadic or seasonal need for texting, you can now rely on Salesmsg for your texting needs. With the Pay-As-You-Go plan, you can enjoy Salesmsg without being committed to a monthly plan.
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Transparent Billing
Your Salesmsg bill is now clearer than ever with a detailed breakdown of your spending. You will now be able to know how much you spend on Subscription and all other add-ons such as, One-Time Credits, Auto-Recharge Credits, Seats, and more!
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Grace Period
Did you forget to renew your credit card? Did your bank block your credit card for some odd reason? Well, you no longer have to worry about losing access to Salesmsg, because we incorporated a grace period for failed credit cards and we will send you reminders to give you a chance to make amendments.
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November 2021 Product Updates
Group Messaging
With Group Messaging, you can now engage multiple customers in the same conversation. Start a new group conversation, or add more recipients to an existing one.
Make Calls From HubSpot
Call your HubSpot contacts using your Salesmsg number right from within HubSpot. All your calling activity will be viewable in the HubSpot activity timeline.
Export Your Salesmsg Contacts
Export your Salesmsg contacts with one click. You can export all of your contacts or filter to a specific segment you are interested in exporting.
Import & Map Custom Fields
Instead of creating or updating custom fields for your contacts one by one, you can now import your contacts with all the custom fields you wish to include as a CSV and map them to existing custom fields.
Manage ShortCode Broadcasts
Get a grasp on the performance of your ShortCode broadcasts with the added ability to view the success and failure metrics of your broadcast.
October 2021 Product Updates
Monthly Update
Refer a Frind
Share Salesmsg with your friends and earn FREE credits along the way. Every time you refer someone and they successfully sign up, you get 25 credits and they do too!
Website to Chat Widget
Extend the power of Salesmsg to your own website with the all-new Salesmsg Web-to-Chat widget. The widget is very customizable to fit your needs and can be easily embedded in your website.
A2P 10DLC Compliance
As a Salesmsg user, keeping up with the new carrier-imposed A2P 10DLC rules is a breeze, because compliance is built into the product with a number of cool features.
10 DLC Profile, Status & Score-1
Salesmsg is now more than a business texting platform. With the introduction of our Calling product, you can now make and receive calls using your Salesmsg number.
Making a call-1
Broadcast in Contact's Timezone
Smart Broadcasting just got a bit smarter with the ability to control when messages are sent to contacts enrolled in a broadcast based on the contacts’ timezones.
Built-in Compliance for A2P 10DLC
Check Your 10DLC Profile  
View a summary of your 10 DLC profile including the type of package your business is registered for, the status of your registration, and your trust score.
10 DLC Profile, Status _ Score
An Intuitive Registration Flow
If your business falls under the Standard package guidelines, you can rely on the intuitive registration flow we added right into the product to register your business.
Brand Registration
Compliance Alerting 
If you qualify for the Starter package, you are automatically registered for it. When your usage grows beyond the Starter package limits, smart alerts within the products will promote you to registered for Standard to stay compliant.
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September 2021 Product Updates
Monthly Update
Social Media
Search for & Invite CRM Contacts
Inviting members to Salesmsg just got a whole lot easier! You can now search the contacts of all your connected CRMs by simply typing part of a name or an email address.
Extend Access to Your Personal Inbox
Add members to your personal inbox and give them the ability to respond to messages on your behalf. Create a shared inbox only when you truly need one.
Request Salesmsg Access in HubSpot
HubSpot users can now request access to Salesmsg right from the Contact window in HubSpot. Admins can easily approve or revoke requests from Salemsg settings.
Mobile Navigation Improvements
The Salesmsg mobile apps got a fresh design update to make navigation across inboxes, conversations, contacts, and broadcasts easy and delightful.
Keep Track of Calling Activity
With Calling finally part of Salesmsg, the Analytics dashboard is now extended to show calling metrics including inbound, outbound, and forwarded calls.
Calling Is Now Available
Outbound Calls
Making a call
You no longer need to rely on multiple apps or switch between devices to call and text your customers. You can now finally make outbound calls from your Salesmsg number. 
Inbound Calls
Receiving a call
Without the need for call forwarding, you can now receive calls to your Salesmsg number and respond on the web, mobile or Chrome extension.
Call Recording
Automatic Recording
Some conversations are just too important to be lost. Now you can use automatic recording to record all incoming and outgoing calls from a specific number. You can also record on-demand while on a call.
Mobile & Chrom Extension
Mobile and Ext Image
Whether you are away from your computer or working across web pages, you can use the Salesmsg mobile app and Chrome extension to make calls on the go. 
August 2021 Product Updates
Monthly Update
Feature Image
Unified Inbox
We know you how difficult it can be to manage multiple inboxes. Now, with Unified Inbox you see all of your conversations across all of your inboxes from one view
Unified Inbox
Contact Blocking
Block messages from the contacts you would like to avoid from an active view. Blocking works both ways. If you change your mind in the future unblocking is only a click away
Contact Blocking
Show/Hide Fields in Columns
Sorting and searching for your contacts could be an arduous task. Now you can show or hide fields on the contact page to see more info about your contacts in one view
Hide Fields in Columns
Remove Tags
Need to remove a tag from a contact? Just select the contacts and instead of adding, select remove and Salesmsg will remove the tags that are applied to your contacts
Remove Tag Action
Chrome Extension Updates
Use Salesmsg Chrome Extension as Desktop application substitute. Resize it, style it anyway you like. Click away, come back to it, it will retain your preferred choices
Chrome Extension Updates
Set Your Timezone
Not sure the time for sending a broadcast or a scheduled message? Set your timezone so it's easy to know what time your messages were sent and received
Set Your Timezone
July 2021 Product Updates
Monthly Update
Feature Image
Link Shortnr™
Turn long links into short one's with our fresh Link Shortnr™. Perfect for outbound prospecting, engagement, & managing without unsightly URL links.
Contact Filtering
Filter by dates, names, emails, and numbers with ease, based on "and" and "or" grouping logic. You can even save them to a smart segment for later.
Canned Messages for Broadcasts
Use “1 click insert” for common marketing campaigns with “Canned Messages” inside Broadcasts.
SMS History Importing
Want to keep your SMS history from Twilio or other texting provider? Never lose your SMS history when you switch to Salesmsg. Import incoming & outgoing texts into Salesmsg.
Message Tag Filtering
Because no one has a crystal ball… Filter Contacts by a particular tag or pull Contacts that have not been marked with a specific tag, both options are now available.
June 2021 Product Updates
Monthly Update
Geo-Location Segmentation
You can now filter contacts based on State, Area code, Timezone, and Custom Fields.
Contact Filters_ State, Timezone, Area Code, Custom Fields
Broadcast Redesign, Stats, and Actions
We freshened up the Inbox experience to make it easier for you to see all of the Broadcast stats and more.
Broadcast Redesign + Stats
"Drip" Messaging for Broadcasts
Sometimes you want to send out a mass text, while other times you want to drip out texts slowly and that’s why we created our Advanced Scheduling feature for Broadcasting called Drip. Now you can select to send your texts to a set amount of contacts per day.
Broadcasting Advanced Drip Scheduling
Inbox Message Notifications
We rolled a better, easier, and faster way to see your unread messages from any of your Salesmsg phone numbers and shared inboxes. Just toggle through your inboxes and in a quick glance see you unread messages.
Inbox Message Notifications
MMS: Send Up to 5 Images
Salesmsg gives you the ability to send SMS and MMS text messages, but before you could only send one picture. Well, we increased it. Now you can send up to 5 MMS pictures, gifs, and images in one text. Let your meme’s run wild with this one.
MMS_ Send 5 Images
10DLC Company Profile
By now you’ve probably heard of 10 DLC — the new number format that is required if you want to keep business texting. (Yes, required.)
We’ve made it easy for you to submit your information and stay ahead of the curve. By providing the required information, you’ll get the DLC registration process started quickly and seamlessly when the time comes.
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