ALL in One Messaging & Calling
Rounded Corners
From a two-way SMS texting product to an ALL in One Messaging & Calling platform, it has been quit the exciting journey at Salesmsg!
Add Salesmsg to your stack today, and delight your customers with:
Send personalized text messages anywhere, anytime on both mobile and web. Use a toll free number, a local number, your own dedicated short code or even text-enable your landline!
PH - Send SMS or MMS
☎️ Calling
Is texting not cutting it? Hop on the phone and wow your customer. With Automatic Recording, Custom Voicemail, Aircall integration, you will have the features you need to make those calls a success.
PH - Calling
🎥 Video Texting
How about you spice up your messages with a cool video? That is of course without the size limit restrictions of MMS. Re-use videos across conversations with a dedicated media library.
PH - Video Texting
📎 File Attachments
Got an important document to share with your customer? No need to switch to email...just attach and hit "Send".
PH - Attachments
🔌 Integrations
The best part...Salesmsg fits right into your stack with deep integrations to the major CRMs and integrations to thousands of other apps through Zapier!
PH - Integrations