June 2021 Product Updates
Monthly Update
Geo-Location Segmentation
You can now filter contacts based on State, Area code, Timezone, and Custom Fields.
Contact Filters_ State, Timezone, Area Code, Custom Fields
Broadcast Redesign, Stats, and Actions
We freshened up the Inbox experience to make it easier for you to see all of the Broadcast stats and more.
Broadcast Redesign + Stats
"Drip" Messaging for Broadcasts
Sometimes you want to send out a mass text, while other times you want to drip out texts slowly and that’s why we created our Advanced Scheduling feature for Broadcasting called Drip. Now you can select to send your texts to a set amount of contacts per day.
Broadcasting Advanced Drip Scheduling
Inbox Message Notifications
We rolled a better, easier, and faster way to see your unread messages from any of your Salesmsg phone numbers and shared inboxes. Just toggle through your inboxes and in a quick glance see you unread messages.
Inbox Message Notifications
MMS: Send Up to 5 Images
Salesmsg gives you the ability to send SMS and MMS text messages, but before you could only send one picture. Well, we increased it. Now you can send up to 5 MMS pictures, gifs, and images in one text. Let your meme’s run wild with this one.
MMS_ Send 5 Images