March Product Update
Trusted Calling With STIR/SHAKEN
Boost the answer rates of your calls by displaying "Caller Verified" when making a call. Eliminate the "Scam Likely" label that can easily damage your brand.
Personalize Your Numbers with CNAM Caller ID
Differentiate your business with a unique Caller ID using our new CNAM service to further boost answer rates. The best part is that you can have multiple caller IDs for multiple numbers.
New Zapier Actions & Triggers
Integrate Salesmsg to more than 4000 apps, to add SMS to your customer engagement stack. We added 4 new Actions and 2 new Triggers opening a whole bunch of automation use cases for you.
Easily Filter “Opted-Out” Conversations
With the new conversations filter, “Opted-Out,” you can easily identify all conversations where the recipients opted out from receiving SMS and focus on conversations that require your attention.
Product Updates at Your Fingertips
Stay up to date with the latest and greatest from Salesmsg with product updates at your finger tips helping you make the most out of your investment in Salesmsg.