NEW & Improved Zapier Integration
We are excited to share with you today 6 NEW automations we added to our Zapier integration.
With these updates a whole bunch of automation use cases are now available for you including:
☎️  sending a text after a missed call
📌  triggering automations based on tags
💌  sending group messages, and more! 
4 New Actions
Do more with Salesmsg and Zapier. We have expanded the list of available actions to cover all sorts of automations you can think of, including:
  • Sending group SMS/MMS
  • Validating numbers with PhoneCheckr
  • Adding contact notes
  • Finding Salesmsg members
2 New Triggers
More ways to kick off your automations based on Salesmsg events. We added two more triggers to expand the list including:
  • Applying Tags to contacts in Salesmsg
  • Missing an incoming call
Learn more about the Salesmsg Zapier integration here.